May 2017 classes

I’M OFFERING TWO FREE CLASSES IN MAY. One will be held Wed., May 24, 10-noon  and another 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 25. They’re free, but you need to  register, which you can do by clicking on relevant blue date and time above. Both will be held in North Boulder.

AND HERE’S A WEEKLONG INTENSIVE: I’m also offering a five-consecutive-evening mini-Heroine’s Journey, Monday July 10 thru Friday July 14, 6-8:30 each evening. $300. Click the blue link above to register. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY FOR THIS CLASS but I’ll need to meet you (via a free class, perhaps?) or talk to you on the phone first. You can confirm your place with a $50 deposit. 

The class is generative in nature (ie: we do GUIDED WRITING EXERCISES. They’re not workshopping or polishing classes; they’re designed to open the floodgates of your creativity and allow your story to pour onto the page, in all its rough glory.) North Boulder.

This is just my first pass at summer offerings; there may be more, and I’m planning to teach regular weekly classes again in the fall. 

PLAYTIME contains a random sprinkling of my favorite prompts — in one class we’ll write about our mother’s things, in the next we’ll write about our haircuts. There is no particular order to the classes, and that can work really well because there is an element of surprise. These classes are great for anyone seeking to do some prospecting for truth in their own life. It’s like drilling for oil — sometimes you hit a gusher.

THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY is based on mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey — the plot structure common to adventure stories from cultures the world over. In each session, we cover a different step of our own journey (because, whether we know it or not, we are living an adventure story.) Of the two writing periods in each class, the first is a super simple exercise that excavates memories and emotional material from your life. In the second writing period, we take the juiciest items from the first exercise and develop them into a narrative through surprising and magical means. It’s a class that requires almost no left brain critical involvement.

GUIDED WRITINGS on mothers, daughters & youth, and on Processing Loss and Grief  are a bit more of a literary stretch. In this class, we learn how to structure great scenes by imitating the greats — Elizabeth Strout, Thomas McGuane, Kate Atkinson, Lauren Groff, Helen MacDonald and others. We’ll read their work together, and then I walk you through the ‘recipe’ for that scene. Students may spend two or three classes in a row on a three-page piece. It’s a logical follow-up to the Heroine’s Journey. It’s also a great place for writers who have some momentum going in their own work who just want improve their writing. There are two writing 20-30 minute writing periods in each class.

THROUGH THE DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT  is a series of prompts designed to help you open to the darker side of your experience, then stretch into your dreams and prepare your nervous system to live the life you want to live. This recently-developed offering uses the alchemical power of writing to move your life in the direction you want it to go.