April & May 2017 classes

Mother Nature is about to get really creative, so why don’t you join her? Dive deep into a weekend intensive to help you clarify the life you want to live, or take the Heroine’s Journey in one of two ways: A weeklong morning intensive or a weekly class in April and May.  My classes are capped at six students to preserve safety and intimacy and held in North Boulder, AND they’re open to writers of all levels!


… is a series of prompts designed to help you dive into the darker parts of your experience, then stretch into your dreams and prepare your nervous system to live the life you want. This offering uses the alchemical power of writing to move your life in the direction you want it to go, or as a recent student put it, it “blends writing and vulnerability to create a sea change for life.” Saturday, April 29 from 10-4 and Sunday, April 30 from 10-3. Cost: $260. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit. Click  here  to contact me for more information or instructions on how to sign up.

The Heroine’s Journey
7 Monday mornings in April & May

…is based on mythologist Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey — the plot structure common to adventure stories from cultures the world over.  Of the two writing periods in each class, the first is a super simple exercise that excavates memories and emotional material from your life. In the second writing period, we take the juiciest items from the first exercise and develop them into a narrative through surprising and magical means.  When we read what we’ve written, there is NO WORKSHOPPING AND NO CRITIQUING, we simply share and witness. We laugh a lot; and cry a fair bit too. Students often tell me it’s better than therapy. It’s also provides a perfect structure for someone who wants to do rough-yet-surprisingly-deep sketch of a memoir or long personal essay

SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION: April 3 thru May 22, 10-12:30. Seven weeks, $400. NO CLASS MAY 1.  It will be a compressed Heroine’s Journey, in that we have only seven sessions together and the full heroine’s journey has 12, but it will certainly hit the high points and trace the arc of the full journey. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit. Click here to contact me for more information or instructions on how to sign up.

Write with Spirit
Sat., May 20, 10-6

This class takes a shamanic approach to story, combining guided journeys with writing tools to support and deepen your creative flow.  Co-taught with shamanic practitioner Shaya Mercer. A working relationship with your helping spirits is recommended and an adventurous soul is required!  Sat., May 20,   10-6, $100.  Limited to 15 students. If you don’t know what helping spirits are, but are curious, contact Shaya or check out her monthly POWER UP journey circles here — the next one will be held Sun., March 19, 2-5 p.m. If you’re all set, in the helping spirits department, click here to be put on a list for the class description.

How about a  free sample writing class?  

  I’m offering one from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14 and another from 10-noon  on Wednesday, March 15. They’re free, but you need to  register, which you can do by clicking on relevant blue date  and time above.