This spring, write your own heroine’s journey

The way I see it, the moment we learn to walk we embark on a Heroine’s Journey.

We venture from the known into the unknown, endure conflict, meet mentors and return strengthened and seasoned, ready to take on a new role. Join me –  author and teacher Lisa Jones — for a writing class loosely based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. This plot structure is common to stories from Greek myth to the movies Star Wars and The Full Monty. This class will embark together on the Journey, where the classical steps are taken via writing exercises.

I will provide prompts to guide students’ in-class writing and then we’ll share what we’ve written. Participants don’t have to compare themselves to, say, Ulysses, or any other mythic voyagers from the ancient world — I use prompts based on the down-to-earth modern world writings of Alice Munro, Annie Proulx, Alexandra Fuller, Jonathan Franzen and Stephen King (okay, he gets pretty supernatural.)

The class is suitable for those interested in both improving their writing and reframing their lives in a more positive light. Here’s how it differs from the regular classes: In the regular classes, the writing exercises are a fairly random sprinkling of prompts — in one class we’ll write about what it feels like to be at home; the next, we’ll write about our mother’s things. There is no particular order to the classes, and that can work really well because there is an element of surprise to each class. These classes are appropriate for anyone seeking to do some prospecting for truth in their own life. It’s like drilling for oil — sometimes you hit a gusher.

The Heroine’s Journey is organized along 12 plot steps illuminated by Joseph Campbell himself, and results in a more linear class.  These classes are now open to people who want to write about other people in their lives — a parent, child, partner, or even fictional character. The Heroine’s Journey differs from the Highest Form of Flattery course in that it is in not a critique class — the Heroine’s Journey exercises are inviting, unintimidating 

I’m planning to teach the Heroine’s Journey two ways this spring here in Boulder:

1) Tuesdays, 12:30-3 p.m., March 31 thru May 19. 8 weeks, $400. Contact me here to register.

2) Weekend intensive, April 24-26 (a Friday night through Sunday afternoon.) We’ll meet from 6-9 on Friday April 24, 9-6 on Saturday the 25th and 9-4 on Sunday the 26th. $400. Contact me here to register, making sure to specify that it’s the April intensive


PRIVATE INTENSIVES are available by request. All you need to do is rally a group of adventurous friends, figure out a window of time in which you’d like to meet, and contact me to set up your own Heroine’s Journey.